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Home Cooking Recipe-Mala Tang

Main ingredients::

Optional series: 200g beef louvers, 1 can luncheon meat, 100g glass noodles, 150g tripe, 150g yellow throat, 150g beef roll, 150g eel, 150g tender beef slices, 200g duck blood, tofu 200 grams, 150 grams of lotus root slices or other vegetables, soy products and meat, vermicelli or noodles are also acceptable


    Malatang base ingredients: appropriate amount, appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of green onions, appropriate amount of coriander, appropriate amount of peanut butter or sesame paste, appropriate amount of minced garlic

    Production steps:

    1. beef louvers, luncheon meat, glass noodles, tripe, yellow throat, beef rolls, eel, tender beef slices, duck blood, tofu, lotus root slices one by one, cut into sections or slices for later use.
    2. Prepare vegetables: Wash rapeseed and lettuce and set aside.
    3. Prepare the seasoning: mince ginger, green onions, mince garlic, and cut coriander into sections.
    4. Prepare Malatang base: Heat a pan with cold oil, stir-fry minced ginger and green onions, add Malatang base and stir-fry until red oil comes out.
    5. Heat the bottom of the pot: Add an appropriate amount of water, pour the fried bottom ingredients into the pot, and bring to a boil.
    6. Boil the ingredients: Put the processed ingredients into a hot pot and cook them. Take them out when they are cooked.
    7. Prepare dipping sauce: Mix peanut butter, minced garlic, and cilantro into dipping sauce.
    8. Enjoy Malatang: Place the cooked ingredients on a plate, sprinkle with vegetables, drizzle with burned red oil, dip with peanuts, garlic and coriander dipping sauce and serve.


    • Ingredients can be selected according to personal taste, increasing or decreasing the variety.
    • The spicy hotpot base can be added in an appropriate amount according to the spiciness requirement to adjust the taste.
    • The clear soup base and spicy base can be mixed for a richer combination.


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