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Our products

All products sold by Asienmarkt come from professional food distributors/importers. Whether they are imported from within the EU or from other countries, they are strictly checked by food-related standards.

Most items (imported from outside the EU) have a white label with the item number, brief description and expiry date for the item.

The white label is provided by the supplier (ie the importer), which is also the legal obligation of the importer's responsibility system. If you have any objection to the label, you can call the above number directly, and they can explain.

It is not ruled out that some suppliers have extended the shelf life on the label to facilitate sales. We will take the original shelf life (original code) as the standard when entering the warehouse; if the actual shelf life is different from our online announcement, please contact us as soon as possible. Contact us.

The shelf life displayed on the website is the actual date of the original factory, and the product will be automatically removed after the actual date.

When the product is designated by a European supplier and the expiration date has already been written on the package, the white label may no longer printed with the expiration date.

Product packaging pictures are from Asienmarkt or suppliers.

Sometimes because the manufacturer often changes the packaging for publicity, the pictures on the website may not be updated in time, resulting in the difference between the actual product received, please understand, thank you!

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