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New Year’s Eve dinner recipe-Shredded Pork with Beijing Sauce


Main ingredients:

150g pork, 1 cucumber, 1 carrot


    Sweet noodle sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, balsamic vinegar, appropriate amount of onion, ginger and garlic

    Production steps:


    Prepare materials:
    Prepare all the main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients, wash and slice them for later use.

    1. Cut the pork into shreds, add cooking wine and starch and marinate for a while.

    2. Shred carrots and cucumbers, chop onions, ginger and garlic and set aside.

    3. Heat the pan, sauté the onion, ginger and garlic, add the shredded pork and stir-fry until it changes color.

    4. Add meat ingredients: Add chicken legs or beef slices and stir-fry until they change color.

    5. Add carrots and cucumber shreds and continue to fry until cooked.

    6. Finally add sweet noodle sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, and balsamic vinegar to taste

    You can prepare dry tofu or rolls for better consumption.
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